What are printables?
"Printables" are .pdf documents that can be printed on your own printer.

Why should I use a printable?
Printables are an economical, fast and efficient way to inject a designer element into your events and lifestyle. You can print as many or as few items as you need. And you can print them over and over again, for different events and different times. Those valentines day cupcake wrappers will also be perfect for birthday parties, school fetes, and a bridal shower. The applications are limitless.

How do I buy a printable?
Through the Modern Printables online store, you may purchase a license to use a printable design of your choice. You will immediately be sent a .pdf file of the printable to save to your computer's hard drive. By paying for the printable, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of the license (see full license here), providing you with the right to use the .pdf file for non-commericial purposes.

How do I print my printable?
Once you have recieved your printable file, you can open it using Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it for free for macs here and for PC's here. Once you have opened your printable using Adobe Reader, simple select the print option, and choose the correct paper source, print quality and quanitity. You can also send your .pdf to a professional printer to print for you.

How do I edit my printable?
If the printable design that you purchase is editable, it will be marked as editable in the product description. You will then be able to open the design using Acrobat Reader (download for free here) and edit unlocked fields of text on the design.

Can I print on card stock?
You can print on any material that will physically run through your printer (or a professional printer of your choosing). For more printables projects, standard card stock is the most durable format. We encourage you to source environmentally-friendly paper products where possible and to only print as many items as is necessary.

Can I use my printables for commercial use (e.g. to sell at my market stall?)
No. As per the terms and conditions of your purchase, you are licensed to only use your printables for personal use. You may not use your printables or elements of the printables (illustrations and grahics) for commercial use. This includes creating products with your printables and then reselling then online or at a market or in a store. However, you may use printables decorations to decorate your market stall or retail store. And you may use printables to supplement a creation (e.g. selling cupcakes wrapped with printable cupcake wrappers at a school fair).

If you are an event planner or organiser, you may purchase the license for printables for use in each event that you plan for your clients. (and if you do, we would LOVE to see the photos!). However, any printables you use for client events may not be reused for subsequent events. Please do the right thing, support your artist, and re-license the files for new client events.

Under no circumstances may any printables or elements/illustrations/graphics of the printables be listed on Etsy or any other online marketplace for sale.

How many times can I print my printables?
Once you purchase your printable, you have bought the license to it, and can print it out as many times as you like for personal use. That advent calendar that you love can be printed out year after year. That birthday bunting can be used for all your childrens' birthdays. That is the beauty (and part of the value) of printables!

Can I share my printable with my family and friends or post on a website for others to use?
No. As per the terms and conditions, you are legally bound to use the printable for personal use only. You paid for the license for the printable, and we encourage you to share the Modern Printables website with your family and friends so that they can also purchase from the site. Don't forget that the designer of your printable is an artist who creates art for a living. If you love your printable, please support your artists and come back for more so that we can keep designing more great artwork for you.

I saw a printable that I loved on the site yesterday but it is no longer listed. Where has it gone?
Our printables have a listing expiry date and we rotate designs regularly to keep the site fresh. If you see a design that you love, please make sure that you purchase it quickly as we cannot guarantee that it will stay on the site forever. If you have a particular design that you love and cannot find it on the site, please send an email to modernprintables@gmail.com to request re-listing. If we receive enough request emails, we will consider relisting the product, in conjunction with the artist.

I love my printables! They looked amazing at my child's birthday party. Can I send photos to you?
Yes please! We love to see how you use your printables and would like to show off your handiwork on the Modern Printables blog. Please email a link to your photos (or a sample of 3-5 images) from your event to modernprintables@gmail.com. We will let you know if we need any more details.