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by Jess Walsham from Joyess Designs for modernprintables.com

This product is a .pdf pack containing 9 elements (not a printed product)

This sweet Elephant and Balloon theme party is perfect for both a young girl's birthday party or boy's birthday party, christening, naming ceremony, or a baby shower. The pack includes all the elements of the Elephant Party including invitations, thank you notes, bunting banner flags, thank you gift tags, tented place cards or food cards, round toppers (for topping cupcake and food or for use as a garland), mini-bunting flags (for the top of a cake or food flags), water bottle and juice bottle labels and five patterned pages.

Personalised Invitations

2 sizes - A5 and A6
4 x 4x6 invitations per page.
2 x 5x7 invitations per page.

Instructions: Once your order has been processed, we will be in touch to get your invitation details and the invite will be personalised for you.

Thank You Cards

4 x thank you cards per page.

Instructions: Print on card stock, cut out Thank You cards and add your own message using pen or a marker.

Bunting Banner Flags

3 x bunting banner flags (3 styles) per page.

Instructions: Print, cut out banners, hole punch the corners, add your own ribbon, string or bakers twine, and hang.

Tented Placecards

4 x tented placecards for food or place settings per page.
2 designs - elephant and balloon.

Instructions: Print, cut out placecards, fold in half and add your text with a pen or marker.

Round Toppers

15 x round toppers (5 styles) per page.

Instructions: Print on paper or card stock. Cut out toppers using scissors or a 2" hole punch. For food toppers, glue or tape two circles together with a toothpick sandwiched between them. For garlands, tape two circles together either side of string, baker's twine or ribbon at intervals. For envelope seals, simply glue to envelope.

Gift Tags

6 x balloon and elephant-shaped gift tags per A4 page.

Instructions: Print on card stock, cut out gift tags, add child's name and fix to a favour or gift bag.

Juice and Water Bottle Labels

2 x juice labels
2 x water bottle labels

Instructions: Print on paper, cut out and glue or use double sided tape to fix to drink bottles.

Mini Bunting/Food Flags

20 x mini flags (4 different designs).

Instructions: For bunting, print on paper, cut out, fold in half over string and glue together. For food flags, insert a toothpick before gluing.

Patterned Paper

5 x patterned A4 pages.

Instructions: Patterned pages are provided for your own use. You could use to cut out more bunting flags as spacers, a paper chain garland, a lantern, or any other paper craft needs for your party.

(c) 2012 Jess Walsham (Joyess Images) for modernprintables.com

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